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Alex : 22: Some day I too shall have a plan

August 29, 2014 at 3:45am
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I can’t believe my brother is getting married next week. Feels like fucking yesterday we were playing wiffleball in the backyard and playing ps2 sports games and ultimately fighting over that. My older brother and I don’t get along a lot recently but he’s still my brother so no matter if I disagree with him (and I do vehemently disagree with him on politics) he’s still my brother and this is pretty big.

It helps that his wife to be, my future sister in law is really awesome too. I gotta get them a nice gift…

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At a given moment, this is our air traffic around the world.


At a given moment, this is our air traffic around the world.

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i wouldn’t *hate* NYC but there are better options out there

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give me more options to work with, US cities. 

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so ideally my ideal place of residence is (probably) outside the united states, save for probably new york city….

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Ultimately I hope I can end up in a city where owning a car is optional, public transportation (subways etc) is ubiquitous, and many things are within walking distance.

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Banks - Beggin For Thread. Loving Banks atm!

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I’m actually really excited for this trip to Europe when I graduate. I recently found out that a vast majority of my heritage is from Germany, Scotland, and Hungary and I would be able to visit two of the three in one go.

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As far as Simpsons slapstick goes this is in my top 5 moments

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The constant need for there to be “a middle ground” in every single fucking issue is really fucking tiring.

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basically someone made a video about how women are generally used as background and serve as sex pieces and other (quite frankly) gross things in video games and a fair amount of people freaked out and a few people sent threats over it.

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video gamers can be some of the most insufferable people in existence.

oh my god some woman made a legitimate point. better fuckin threaten to rape her  and kill her and get upset that they are trying to “censor video games”. fuck off 

August 28, 2014 at 11:39pm
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Kazu Kibuishi

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August 27, 2014 at 4:45pm
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I just think they’re neat

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